Adele Frank Art&Design

In Adele Frank’s designer collections timeless femininity comes to life through sewing patterns and brushstrokes. According to her concept painting and fashion design are not distant art forms, but equal partners.

Fashion Shows

At her more than 30 fashion shows held in major European cities (Paris, London, Budapest and Moscow) and in her hometown Pécs the public was awed by, the Board of Applied Arts declared one of a kind, applied art products. Adel Frank was also honored the prestigious Victor Vasarely Art Award in 2014.


The collections go against the mainstream of environment polluting mass production. They are designed to withstand a decade, creating value and comfort at the same time. The collections are a mixture of elegant and extravagant items, full of contemporary historical references combined with fine needlework.


Adele Frank’s twin work of art paintings all mirroring and paired up with an underlying applied art dress. The paintings’ mirroring twin effect is enhanced by the application of a unique 3D crumpled sewing technique. Explore the art pieces characterized by political and social criticism using this technique, such the series of “Szép éhező” (Beautiful Starving or Starving Beauty) or the most recent “Flags”.