Adele Frank is known to the public as a fashion and applied art designer, by fashion shows held in big European cities as Paris, London, Budapest or Moscow and in her hometown Pécs. The more than 30 events in Embassies, noted Galleries and Museums, starred actresses and drag queens, balancing between Chic and Shock, between Prestige and Provocation.

The Hungarian Patent Office registered the clothes as a trade-mark. The Board of Applied Arts declared them to be applied art products – a collection of pieces meeting highest standards of art and workmanship.

„I design tailor made garments for more than 15 years now. I have to say my main goal is to give self-confidence to women rather than designing for fashion shows. We are all very different: there are some who wants the dress to fit just perfectly, and some who wants the dress to make them look thinner or younger. My aim is that to whoever I am designing a dress for would feel fabulous and unique.”